About IPC


Our Slogan: “Mercy to Mankind”

The aim of IPC is to guide humanity to the right path and to save them from straying away; to bring them out of misery to happiness; from the darkness of ignorance to the light of knowledge. Together, hand in hand, we can do our best to share with other human beings that which God (Allah) has blessed us  and hope that they may convert from the darkness of atheism to the light of Islam. For the sake of God the Almighty, His Messenger and His religion and with your valuable help, the message will be delivered – the Message of Islam, the Message of Mercy to Mankind.


Our Da’wah Method:

Allah, all praise is due to Him, says: “Invite to the way of your Lord with wisdom and fair preaching …”

And our Messenger (pbuh) said: “…if Allah guides even one person through you then that is better for you than possessing the most valuable of the camels .i.e. the most precious things in life.”


Our Goals:

1-      To present to non-Muslims.

2-      To take care of the new Muslims.

3-      To teach Arabic to non-native speakers.

4-      Spreading Islamic Awareness amongst expatriate Muslim communities


Our Mission:

Presenting Islam to non-Muslims and other Muslim communities in a manner characterized by cultural and technical wisdom and fair preaching and trying to educate and qualify them to present Islam in their countries respectively.


Our Vision:

We strive to be the pioneer in the field of presenting Islam. Our blessed Committee aims to take care of those who became rightly guided to Islam and other Muslim expatriates both locally and internationally.


Our Aims:

–          To expand Da’wah activities to present Islam locally and internationally.

–          Training and qualifying a distinguished generation of preachers from converts and from other Muslim communities.

–          To excel in Finance and Administrative systems and training.

–          Qualifying Kuwaiti youth to work in the field of Da’wah.


Board Members:



Nader al-Nori


Faisal al-Zamel

Vice Chairman

Hosam al-Mutual


D. Bader al-Mas


Khaled al-Sobehi


D. Hamed al-Khaleed


AbdulAziz al-Somet



Our Achievements:

1-      More than 44 thousand people declared their conversion to Islam in the Committee since 1399 AH / 1978 AD.

2-      3515 people declared their conversion to Islam in 1429 AH / 2008 AD alone.

3-      Organized 16 pilgrimage journeys (Hajj) for converts, each journey included more than 150 pilgrims.

4-      Organized 28 Umrah journeys for converts. Each journey included more than 200 Muslims.

5-      Distributed more than 1,000,000 copies of Da’wah pamphlets in different languages.

6-      Distributed more than 400,000 books of IPC editions every year.

7-      Distributed more than 100,000 cassette tapes in different languages every year.

8-      More than 2000 students who studied Arabic Language at IPC graduate every year.

9-      More than 2000 new Muslims have been taken care of every year through a project called “Taking care of New Muslims”

10-   Organized Qur’an competitions 7 times a year. Each time about 500 people participated in these competitions.

11-   Project “Medical Tent” was held 4 times to examine poor laborers in Amghara, Khaitan, Jleeb and Ahmadi – areas populated by laborers (1000 people every time)