Why the christians were called NASARA

When ‘Isa ‘alayhi ‘Salam sent, the children of Iarael were required to follow and obey him. the followers of ‘Isah and his companions are called “An-Nasara”, because gave and support each other.
They are also called Ansar (helpers), as ‘Isah said:

من أنصارى الى الله قال الحواريون نحن أنصارالله

“Who will be my helpers in Allah’s cause?” Al-Hawariyyun said: We are the helpers of Allah.” (61:14)

It was said that said that they were called “Nasara”, because they inhabited a land called “an-Nasirsah (Nazareth). as Qatadah,Ibn Jurayi and Ibn ‘Abbas were reported to have said Allah knows best.

Nasira is certainly plural for Nasran.

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