Who are the Sabians or Sab’un?

There is a difference of opinion over the identity of the Sabians, Sufyan A’Thawri said that Lyth Abu Sulym said then Mujahid said that, “The sabians are between the Majus and the, the Jews, and the Christians. They do not have a specific religion. Similar is reported from Ibn Abi Najih similar statement is attributed to ‘Ala’ and Sa’id bin Jubayr, they (others) say that the Sabians – are a sect among the people of the book who used to read the Zabur (Salm), others say that they are a people worshipped the Angels as the stars.
It appears that the closest opinion to the truth, and Allah knows best, is Mujahid statement and those who agree with him like Wahb bin Munabbih, that the Sabians are neither Jews nor Christians nor Majus nor polytheists, rather, they did not have a specific religion that they followed and enforced, because they remain living according to their fitrah (Instinctual nature). this is why the Idolators – used to call whoever embraced Islam a “Sabi”, meaning that he abandoned all religions that existed on the Earth. Some scholars stated that the Sabians are those who never recieved a message by any of the Prophets, and Allah knows best.

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