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Islam Presentation Committee
Women’s Affairs

Islam Presentation Committee (IPC) is a non profit educational and research institution devoted to religious and cultural studies.

IPC goals started in 1978 with Al-Najat charitable society and continued its mission to present Islam to non Muslim and to coordinate with the communities residing in Kuwait in 1988. The board of directors in Najat Society decided to form a committee to be specialized in presenting Islam and teaching Arabic language. In October 1991 after liberation activity began. The chairman of the Committee is Mr. Abdul Wahab AlAshaya There are 120 staff and volunteers from 19 different nationalities who speak 28 languages.

The aims of the Committee are:
Teaching Arabic to non-Arab speakers
Teaching Islam studies.
Introducing Islam to non-Muslims
Introducing Kuwait culture
Taking care of new Muslims

The Women’s Affairs department functioning smoothly under the management of Wadha Alblays, has four sections, Guidance and cultural Section, Educational section, New Muslim section, and Media section and etc.