The Angels and the sons of Adam

The Angels and the sons of Adam

Second : The Angels and the sons of Adam

The connection between the Angels and the descendants of Adam is very strong . They are there when a person is created ; they guard him / her after he/she  emerges into his world . They bring the wahy ( revelation ) from Allah (swt)  and they watch over people’s action and behavior. And they bring a person’s soul forht from his body when his appointed time ( of death ) comes.

1. Their role in the creation of man ; It is narrated that Ibn Mas’ood (ra) said :” The Messenger of Allah (swt) who is the most truthful one , told us ; “Each one of you comes together in their mother ‘s womb for forty days , then become an “alaqah (clot) for a similar period of time. Then he becomes a mudghah ( chewed lump of flesh ) for a similar length of time . Then Allah sends an angel to him , who is commanded with four things . It is said  to him : Write down his deeds, his provision , and whether he is doomed ( destined for hell ) or  blessed ( destined for Paradise). Then the soul is breathed into him.” ( Bukhari and Muslim)

2. The angels guard the sons of Adam

It is the same { to him }concerning you whether one conceals ( his ) speech or one publicizes it and  whether  one is hidden by night or conspicuous among others by day. For each one are successive( angel ) before and behind him who protect him by the decree of Allah. ( 13 : 10-11)

Successive angels refer to the angels whom Allah (asw)

Allah (swt) says :appoints to guard a person from front and from behind. Then when the decree of Allah (swt) comes , which Allah wills should befall him , and then they withdraw from him. MUjaahid ( a scholar ) said :  ” There is no person who does not have an angel appointed to protect him when he is asleep and when he is awake , from the jinn, other men and savage beasts. None of these come him , but the angel tells it , ” keep away!” except for that which Allah has given permission to befall him.”

3. The emissaries of Allah to his Messengers and Prophets 

Allah (swt ) has told us that Jibbreel (as ) is the only who carries out his mission :

Allah (swt) says:

The Trustworthy Spirit has brought it down Upon you heart , { O Muhammad } that you may be of the warner { 26:193- 194).

The mission Jibreel (as) is not restricted only to conveying the Wahy from Allah (swt) . He used to come to the Prophet Muhammad (saw) every year in Ramadhan , on every night of that month , to teach him the Qur’an.

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