Niyyah ( intention ) and Ordinary deeds

Niyyah ( intention ) and Ordinary deeds

63586_10202420590829042_397924745_n[1]On the ather hand , any ordinary deeds is regarded as an act of worship if the intention behind it is to obey and please Allah alone , and man will be rewarded for it as a good deed .

The prophet ( peae be upon him ) said :” Allah will rewarded you for whatever  you spend with the intention of gaining Allah ‘s pleasure even if it were a mouthful of food you put into your wife’s mouth .”

Mua’aath Ibn Jabal (ra) used to say : ” I expect Allah ( subhanahu wa Taa’la ) to reward for the time I spend in sleep as i expect him to reward me for night prayer , because I sleep with the intention to strengthen myself for the night prayer “.


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