The Angels and man

The Angels and man

First : The angels and man:

when Allah (swt) wanted to create Adam (as), He informed his angels of that.

They ask him the reason behind that , because they knew that the sons of Adam would cause corruption and shed blood , and they would disobey Allah and  disbelieve.He told them that there were reason for the creation of Adam which they did not know.

Allah (swt) says :

And (mention ,O Muhammad )when your Lord said to the Angles, ” Indeed , I will make upon the earth a successive authority ,” They said< ” Will you place upon it one who cause s corruption therein and sheds blood , while we declare Your praise and sanctify You ?” , ” Indeed , I know that which you do not know,” {2:30}.

a. Their prostration to Adam when he was created

Allah (swt) commanded His Angels to prostrate to Adam (as) when He had completed his creation and breathed his soul into him :

Allah (swt ) says:

{ So mention } when your Lord said to the angels , ” Indeed , I am going to create a human being from clay.So when I have proportioned him and breathed into him of My {created } soul , then fall down to him in prostration.” ( 38 : 71-72 ).

they responded to the commanded ,except for Iblees.

Allah (swt ) says:

( So the angels prostrated all of them entirely .Except Iblees ; he was arrogant and became among the disbeliever . {38: 74 }..

B. The angels washed Adam (as) when he died

when Adam (as) died , his children did not know what they should do with his body , so the angels taught them. It is narrated from Ubayy ( RA ) that the prophetMuhammad (saw) said : When Adam died ,the angel washed his body with water an odd number of times, then they buried him in a grave with a niche (lahd) , and said : this is the way of the son of Adam.” Saheeh al – Jaami….



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