Winners of Ramadan Quiz Competition (1432)

Winners of the IPCBlogger Ramadan Quiz Competition are:



1)      Mohammad Siraj

2)      Ashiq Thalal

3)      Wasim Anas

4)      Mohammad Akram Rafeek

5)      Mohammad Iqbal



1)      Thasneem Firthous Fathima

2)      Hafeeza Shiham

3)      Samira Nadeem

4)      Hafsa Ameer

5)      Asha

Congratulations to all the winners 😀


The Winners will be contacted by telephone and email before Friday (September 9, 2011).


Winners must present their original Civil ID card to receive the prize which will be cross-checked with the Civil ID number provided with the entry.


Don’t make Ramadan an eating contest (video)



I found the following video on YouTube while I was surfing for another similar one …. anyhoo, which Muslim animation represents you – the red one or the yellow one?



Click on the following link to if you cannot view the video above:Productive Muslim in Ramadan


Till next time,

Ma’a salaamah 🙂