Brief Information about IPC (Islam Presentation Committee)

Islam Presentation Committee (IPC) is a nonprofit educational and research institution devoted to religious and cultural studies.
IPC goals started in 1978 with Al-Najaat charitable society and continued its mission to present Islam to non Muslims and to coordinate with the communities residing in Kuwait in 1988.

The board of directors in Najaat Society decided to form a committee to be specialized in presenting Islam and teaching Arabic language. In October 1991 after liberation, the activity began.
The chairman of the Committee is Mr. Abdul Wahab AlAshaya. There are 120 staff and volunteers from 19 different nationalities who speak 28 languages.
The aims of Islam Presentation Committee are:
– Teaching Arabic to non-Arab speakers
– Teaching Islam studies.
– Introducing Islam to non-Muslims
– Introducing Kuwait culture
– Taking care of new Muslims

The Women’s Affairs department functions smoothly under the management of Wadh-ha Al-Blays, and has many sections, like: the Guidance and cultural Section, the Educational section, the New Muslim section, the Nursery section and the Media section, etc…

The Guidance and cultural Section is the responsible for giving guidance, presenting Islam in and out of the Committee, introducing Kuwait’s culture, handling Diplomatic relations and visits, Recreational tours, visits for the different institutions, hospitals, hostels, companies and women’s jail, and for distributing Islamic books, pamphlets, cassettes etc. in different languages to interested individuals who don’t have knowledge about Islam. Correspondence with the interested people from different nationalities, giving introductory Islamic classes for the non-Muslims, and teaching how to read the Holy Qur’an in Arabic are also some of the responsibilities of the Guidance and cultural Section.

The Educational section is responsible for teaching Arabic and Islamic. So far, more than 10,000 people have studied Arabic in IPC.
Other courses offered in the section include: Muslim character, Qur’an memorization, tafseer (Qur’an interpretation), Tajweed (rules in Qur’an reading), hadith (traditions and saying of Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him), Day of Judgment, Fiqh (Islamic Jurisprudence) essentials, Islam in focus, Towards understanding Islam, and many more courses are held every semester.

The New Muslim section focuses on those who embraced Islam; and they provide courses for teaching them the basics of Islam that every Muslim must be aware about, for .e.g. Salah (prayer), Wudhu (ablution), Ghusl (Bath), the allowed and forbidden in Islam, the everyday etiquettes, a brief biography of the Prophet, etc…

IPC also organizes field trips, gives breakfast (Fotoor Jamaie), conducts Islamic and Qur’an competitions, potlucks, sends books for the New Muslims’ family or friends and sponsors yearly trips for pilgrimage ( Hajj and Umrah) for the New Muslims.
IPC also follows up with social care and helps with services such as employment and marriage.

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