How can i defeat shyaitan (devil)?

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It is an amazing reminder through a story.Let us try our best to defeat the shyaitan.And i know am not perfect and I myself as many of us still trying to find the way to get rid of shyaitan and his tricks.May Allah protect me , you and all those who wish the mercy of Allah.May Allah protect all of us.

How can i be among the Successful people?

All praise is for Allaah, Lord of the Worlds, who ordered us to follow His Messenger (sallallaahu ‘alaihi wa sallam) and to call to His Way, and may Allaah send praises and blessings of peace upon our Prophet Muhammad, and upon his family, his companions, and those who truly follow them until the Day of Judgement.

Today my topic will be about calling people from darkness to light which is called Dawah.When the word da’wah is mentioned, we are generally talking about enjoining the good (Al-Ma’roof: Islamic monotheism and all that Islam orders one to do) and forbidding the evil (Al-Munkar: Polytheism, disbelief and all that Islam has forbidden) to Muslims as well as non-Muslims.

Allah says in the quran “Let there be a group of people amongst you inviting to all that is good, enjoining al-ma`roof [i.e. Islamic Monotheism and all that Islam orders one to do] and forbidding al-Munkar [polytheism and disbelief and all that Islam has forbidden]. And it is they who are successful.” [al-Qur’aan, Aal `Imraan (3):104]

Who are these group of people?

Da’wah is recognised by the majority of scholars as being obligatory upon every Muslim. Therefore by the act of da’wah we can fulfill our obligation and gain the love of Allah .

And prophet (sallallaahu ‘alaihi wa sallam) said “Convey from me, even one verse.” [al-Bukhaaree]

Conveying the message therefore does not require a high level of scholarship, it is in fact a responsibility of each and every Muslim, according to his or her ability.

Why is it So important?

1.Get closer to Allah.

“…And My slave does not come close to Me with anything more beloved to Me than what I have made obligatory upon him. My slave continues to come nearer to Me through voluntary deeds until I love him, and when I love him, I become his ears with which he hears, I become his sight with which he sees, I become his hands with which he strikes, I become his legs with which he strides. If he asks Me, I shall surely grant his request.” [Bukhari]

2.To be among successful people

“Let there arise out of you a group of people inviting to all that is good, enjoining Al-Ma’roof (Islamic monotheism and all that Islam orders one to do) and forbidding Al-Munkar (Polytheism and disbelief and all that Islam has forbidden). And it is they who are successful.” [Qur’an: Chapter 3, Verse 104]

3.To be the best of the people

He says: You are the best of peoples, taken out for mankind. You enjoin what is right, forbid what is wrong, and believe in Allah. (Al-Imran:11O)

4.It is better than having the best of camel.

The Prophet(sallallaahu ‘alaihi wa sallam) in relation to this says:“By Allah, if a single person is guided by Allah through you, it will be better for you than the best of camels.” [Bukhari]

5.Ongoing charity after death

If a person is guided by you and he continue to do good deed from him his generation and friends ;even if you are dead you will be rewarded.

As the Prophet (sallallaahu ‘alaihi wa sallam) perfectly says:“When a man dies, his good deeds come to an end except three: on going charity, beneficial knowledge and righteous offspring who will pray for him.” [Muslim]

6.You can help yourself escape from the questioning of Allah on the day of judgement.

The Prophet (sallallaahu ‘alaihi wa sallam) talked about the consequences of those who do not spread possessed knowledge:“Whoever is asked about some knowledge that he knows, then he conceals it, he will be bridled with bridle of fire.” [Tirmidhi]

7.To be in the supplication of Allah his angels and all those in the earth

Also, as the Prophet (sallallaahu ‘alaihi wa sallam) says:
“God, His angels and all those in the Heavens and on Earth, even ants in their ant-hills and fish in the water, call down blessings on those who instruct others in beneficial knowledge.” [Tirmidhi]