O Ma’am, I am your helper and slave

I survived on the food and clothes you gave

 I was simply a walking figure with a shade

Just a dummy and a creature when I came


It’s you who taught me life and made me brave

You carved me out of figure into a dame


You colored my life by cultivating with beams of manner

And tailored my personality with seams of glamour


Above all you lead me to the path of Islam

While I was taking the names of Jesus and Ram


You dragged me out of the cave of bleakness

And then protected and saved me from its darkness


You pulled me out of the pit of ignorance

And drove me towards the light of guidance


But when I started loving this way

You are trying to keep me, from it, away

Do you think the knowledge you gave me about this way is enough?
Know that to change my polytheist family’s hearts is tough

No, I know it is not sufficient

To make myself efficient

And to fight with the lovers of false Gods

I have to armor myself with weapons of knowledge

 Hope you understand my anguish

And stand by me to fulfill my ‘Learning’ wish

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