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God is ‘ONE’ according to Hinduism

God is ‘ONE’ according to Hinduism

Hinduism advocates monotheism but most of the Hindus believe in 33 crores, 10 crores, 3 crores or 3 gods and goddesses. No one believes in One God.
Dear brothers and sisters Life which is given to us is very valuable, it is given only once. We can not get it again. Those who believe in incarnation or Re-birth are not sure about it so why do you put your hereafter at risk? come out of the prevalent myth among Hindus and look at the reality with your own eyes and believe the truth.
Upanishads say
‘Ekam Evadvitheeyam’ Chandogya Upanishath (6:2:1)
means ‘He is one and there is none except Him’

‘Ye ko hi Rudhrona dwithiyaya thasthuha’ (Swetha swatharaopanishath 3:2)
means ‘He, who sustains all the worlds by protecting them with His powers, is One’

‘Ekam Evano doothyo’ (Katopanishath)
means ‘He is one and there is none except Him’

The Brahma sutra of Hindu vedantha is
‘Ekkam Brahmam, Dvitheeya nasthenen na nasthe kinchan’
means ‘ God (the Creator) is one and there is none except Him even for a little extent’
(In Sanskrit Brahma means the Creator)

‘Devo Maha Asi’ (Adharvana Veda 20:58:3)
means ‘Only God is great’

‘Ya Yeka Iththamushtuhi’
means ‘Praise the One who has no equivalent besides Him’

‘Maa Chidanya dvishamshatha’ (Rig Veda 8:1:1)
means ‘Worship only that God. Then you would not be affected by any grief’
And many more similar verses from Vedas Geeta and Upanishads can be quoted.
Please check what else Yajurveda says about idols and idol worship

‘Na Tasya Pratima asti’ (Yajur Veda 32:3)
means ‘There is no image of Him’

‘Shudhamapoapvidham’ (Yajur Veda 40:8)
means ‘He is bodyless and Pure’

Anthahtama pravishanti ye asambhuti mupaste, tatobhaya ivathetamoyaoo sambhutyagrataha (Yajur Veda 40:9)
means ‘ They enter darkness, those who worship the natural elements (water, air fire etc)
They sink deeper in darkness, those who worship sambhuti. (created things like table chair, idol etc)
So there is no place for idol worship in Hinduism too, those who do they will enter into hell. Brothers and sisters it is up to you Whether you like to waste your given life or utilize it to gain the success of hereafter.

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